Urban Boating at Its Finest

Last Saturday, the PPEHLab at WetLand held the first of three open-houses this fall on the Lower Schuylkill in Philadelphia. Captain Bob Smizer met us early in the morning at Bartram’s Garden where WetLand has been docked since 10/5 when we took it out of dry dock in Westville, New Jersey, under the Walt Whitman Bridge, and had our own crossing the Delaware (see previous post) experience.

Our electrical engineer, Rand, was already on board adding more solar panels for more power. 22102162289_04f26be9c4_kHe kept working as we trawled upriver, just making it under one surprisingly low bridge and floating under several rail bridges.

Wind picked up as we moved into the more cavernous spaces of center city where all wetlands along the River have been built over, on the west side to accommodate the “Expressway” (or Distressway) and rail lines, and on the east for commercial and residential properties and more rail. It’s quite something to experience the city from the vantagepoint of the river.

As we pulled up to the dock, a big gust blew WetLand hard against the gangway. Minor damage only to report.


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