Yes: Permission to Dock

After ten months of discussion and a few sleepless nights, permission arrived last week allowing us to dock WetLand at the City Parks & Recreation dock along Walnut Street. (Here’s a map of the areas I’m talking about, on the Lower Schuylkill River in Phildelphia.) The PPEHLab at WetLand had since spring 15 been slated as a community partner for the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (P.O.S.T.), a huge city-wide arts crawl, on 10/17. We got the actual permit via email the day before.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.34.33 PMAfter moving at a snail’s pace for months, our discussions with one huge bureaucracy, of the city, were buttressed by critical support within a second very large bureaucracy, the university.

Many lessons in navigating the halls of power were learned. Strategic help from our good friends at Bartram’s Garden was essential.

I was so delirious by the time we got to yes, that I asked Barry Bessler, Chief of Staff of Parks &Rec, whose nickname is “Dr. No,” to play it for me one more time. You can hear it in this 3-second video. He’s a good sport, right?


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