No dock yet

We’ve been talking with many different city organizations to try to obtain access to one of the few public docks on the Lower Schuylkill. Although they’re public, it turns out getting access is not so easy. Especially if you’re a floating lab with no engine.

11924921_10153507331774435_5966107238801961264_nBut we’re working on it (access that is, not a combustion engine). Stay tuned. And in the meantime, we paddle over to the PPEHLab moored just off Bartram’s dock on their kayaks. Pretty generous.


Week One

 The PPEHLab at WetLand, a floating lab for experiments (artistic, pedagogical, practical, scientific), launched Monday (10.5.2015). Launched literally: it’s a boat. Albeit a boat without sails, oars, or an engine.

Bob Smizer rafted WetLand across the Delaware and then up the Schuylkill River. Moored just off Bartram’s Garden, the PPEHLab at WetLand is now in a pilot phase for the next month. During this time we’ll navigate the Schuylkill and city politics; collaborate with the amazing folks at Bartram’s; interview artists; host students; and more.

Keep a look out on social media. You are#welcomeaboard #WetLand.